wall of enamel

At Shoreline Design we created many one of a kind pieces of jewelry and decorative framed renderings using vitreous enamel. Many of these are hand drawn and will never be duplicated.

The process of creating vitreous enamel has remained unchanged throughout the years, and consists of fusing powdered glass to metal through extreme heat. We first shape the copper substrate by bending and cutting it to the desired size and design. Next we apply the coloured glass particles to the metal before heating them in our kiln. With temperatures ranging between 750 and 850 °C, the powered glass melts, flows, and eventually hardens. This melting and hardening is what adheres the glass to the metal substrate below creating an incredibly smooth and vibrant coloured finish.

These spectacular pieces can be mounted in a frame, displayed on a carving, or even worn as jewelry. And because the design's colouring is actually melted glass, it will not fade over time but remain as vibrant as the day it was created.