Hello! My name is Peter Llewellyn and thank you for coming to my site! Everything that you see today includes years of learning, exploring and practicing my skill set. The more I work in this profession, the more I realize that everyone is a sum of their total life’s experiences.  As a self-taught artist, I am constantly amazed at the way my life experiences are a foundation for moving my art forward.

As an artisan, I always enjoy listening to my visitors to create “dream pieces” that will WOW them! The tremendous satisfaction we receive from their reactions is our reason to strive for excellence.  In this profession, an artist must look at the big picture while paying attention to the overall vision and the little details. That takes a certain skill and the artisans in my studio enjoy every minute of it.

Our studio is open year round, we are not hobbyist- this is our job, our passion.  My wife Gayle and I derive 100% of our income from our studio.  Come by and see us!


About Shoreline Design


Photos Small011My daughter named Shoreline Designs PEI, and I am proud of our family business and its success. I believe the foundation of our success is a combination of my travels around the world, the truly tremendous experiences that I had and my appreciation for our amazing little town. We have been truly blessed as word of mouth has built our business.

Many people didn’t think our studio would do well nestled in our quiet little town but I saw the value in our beautiful community. I knew visitors would enjoy what Georgetown had to offer and we hoped to add to that with Shoreline Designs.